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Templates that can be used by teachers, students or parents in formal education. This includes schools, kindergarden or universities. Here are some examples: Rejection Letter, Permission Slip, Teacher Resignation Letter.


Startup world has it's own set of documents that may related to new business or idea. Here some examples: Employee Hire, NDA, 83b Election.


Roofing contract or work for hire are good examples for this category.


Templates related to the maintenance or improvement of health. Documents like receipt, nursing agreement are good examples.


Finance related templates for organizations and individuals. Some templates can be used in daily life, like payment agreement.


Templates for commercial, industrial, or professional activities.


Designers or freelance workers may find here work agreement templates. Other example would be: contracts for task accomplishment, like software or web site development.

Real Estate

Templates related to buildings or housing in general. Ex: Renting agreement.

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