The project is stopped. The web application does not work to avoid legal issues.

Feature List

Document Submissions


Windows are the easiest way to collect legally binding documents from others. User's can submit required legal documents using window access link.

Access link

Access links are just an url where you can share/submit your documents. You may also control when and who can access your window.


Collection of legally binding documents that are sent/submitted to collector. Submissions are tracked using identifier and status.

Template & Document

Submission documents can be filled from Templates and signed prior to sending. User also can attach document that is already signed or uploaded.



Send multiple documents on one go by using envelopes. Select existing documents in Djaz, upload or add from Google Drive.


Add or remove recipients with email. Specify for each document in envelope recipient type: signs or views.

Document Fields

Specify Recipients Text, Signature, Stamp when sending document.


Email and push notifications are sent on envelope or document status change.



Create your templates from existing documents. Open your microsoft word file, that is in use, annotate and upload to Djaz. Now you can fill the Template Form and create a new document.


Find required templates from our site and web application. Search by categories or by text.

Template Form

Templates in Djaz are separated as a Form and a Template Document. Forms are the easy way of filing documents. Easily create forms by dragging & dropping fields. Group fields and make them tabs.


Private Templates are encrypted on rest and in transit. Only owners can have access.



Easy to create your regular documents from public/private Template. Want to sign existing document? Just add your documents and sign your document in our system.


Upload your existing document from your file system or use Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive. [Coming Soon]


You will receive completed document to your email address after signing. Documents can be checked for validity/integrity. Please use envelopes, if multiple users need to sign, including yourself.


All documents are encrypted on rest and in transit. Only participants in transaction can view document. This includes Window owners and Envelope recipients.