The project is stopped. The web application does not work to avoid legal issues.

Who are we?

We want to make legal documents easy and private.

Address: 770 Cordial Drive Des Plaines, IL 60018 US

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything else please contact us.

What we do?

Legal documents are hard for both organizations and people. Our goal is to simplify this and lower paper consumption.

People have hard times finding required document templates like NDA, contracts, etc. We want to solve this by providing a rich collection of templates.

Papers are not suitable for documents anymore and are hard to maintain. We provide an e-signature platform where you can sign and share your documents.

Our vision

People are using legal documents with ease in everyday life without privacy concerns. Privacy first applications are already is becoming the norm for some applications with P2P encryption.

Organizations provide their document submission services with fewer resources. Developers should easily integrate online applications into their web applications. Look what Stripe did to online payments.