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Against the backdrop of COVID-19, most international borders are closed and business hubs are under temporary lockdown to contain the virus’s spread. Businesses of all sizes across the globe are now forced to work remotely to battle the pandemic and to stay afloat.

If your company has also adopted working from home and is facing difficulties getting your business documents signed on time during this crisis, digital signatures can be of great help to you in these challenging times.

What are electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures—or e-signatures—are the modern alternatives to the traditional method of signing documents with paper and pen. Businesses worldwide have been adopting this technology since the early 2000s. Some countries are using more advanced digital signatures.

Are they legal?

Yes, electronic signatures are accepted as proof in the court of law and hold the same values as wet signatures for most business documents. For more details please read this article.

How they can help now?

  • Digitally sign documents yourself or collect signatures from anyone from anywhere and at any time. For example, you can digitally sign offer letters and send them directly to candidates using their email address. They can sign and return the documents remotely without any physical contact involved in the whole process.

  • Collaborate online and tweak the document content as required. It will help you reduce the overall turnaround time and get your documents signed in minutes, whereas it used to take days.

  • Improve governance by storing and managing all the signed copies from a centralized location. You can also easily comply with your organization and government regulations without much effort.

  • Cut costs spent on manual processes such as printing, scanning, and mailing.

  • Automate the frequently used signing operations by configuring digital workflows and integrations. For example, whenever a new lead added to your CRM asks for a sales quote, you can configure a workflow to automatically send a non-disclosure agreement and get it digitally signed from them.

  • Go mobile with the help of mobile apps that let you sign, send, and manage documents on the go.

On top of these advantages, electronic signatures are also eco-friendly and can help your company save tons of paper, electricity, and fuel.